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Offering a nice 2007 FORD MUSTANG, PLUS SOME NEW MERCHANDISE AND GENERAL GOODS.. Inspection for the car will be Sunday, 2:30-4pm. Located at 975 North Main, Nashville, MI. 49073 Payment and Pickup will be Monday, 4-6 pm at same location.

There will be a “Live online auction” starting at 6pm with a large line of good auction items.

Claud McMillen Auction

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We have a friend in need!  Lee Childs , a hard working family man, he and his family have  been hit with some serious medical problems of late.  In short, Lee as been having seizures of unknown origin and in and out of the hospital for the past few weeks.  Since the seizures Lee has been forced to stop working and thus income has also stopped coming in.  Bills are piling up with no end in sight and we can help!

I am asking my friends to pitch in and help in whatever capacity they can.

You can make a donation by logging in to gofundme.com.

Type in Lee Childs and you can make a donation.

I know that there is always a need somewhere, but this is important.  You can help someone who has worked all of his life.  Lee just began a new job so insurance isn’t available for these unexpected expenses.  Your donation can make a huge difference in the life of this man and his family!

So please!, send what you can.

I appreciate any and all help that you can afford.

Many thanks in advance!

Claud McMillen